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Divan Bed Sets for Hotels and Commercial Use

(68 products)

Our collection of Divan Bed Sets is specifically curated for the hospitality industry, including hotels and Airbnb accommodations. Each set includes a divan base paired with a perfectly matched mattress, providing a 'ready-to-sleep' solution. Available in all standard sizes, our divan bed sets are versatile enough to suit any room, guest requirement, or space configuration, eliminating the need to purchase a separate mattress.

Divan Bed Bases

Included in our sets is a platform top bed base. These bases are available with various storage options, which can be customised to include drawers for extra storage space. You can also choose the fabric and colour of the upholstery to match your establishment's decor seamlessly.


We offer a diverse range of mattress options with our divan bed sets, from traditional coil sprung to advanced memory foam, latex, pocket sprung, combination, and orthopaedic mattresses. This variety ensures that every guest experiences optimal comfort tailored to their preferences. Additionally, our mattresses are available in multiple firmness levels from soft to firm, enabling you to cater to individual comfort needs and ensure a perfect night's sleep for your guests.


Unlike many other providers, many of our divan bed sets come with matching headboards. This feature allows you to coordinate the bed with the overall design theme of your rooms effortlessly. Our headboards are available in a broad spectrum of fabrics and colours, giving you the flexibility to create a customised look that enhances your guest rooms' appeal.

Castor Wheels and Bed Glides

Our divan sets typically include either castor wheels or bed glides, depending on the specific product. These additions make it simpler to maneuver the bed for cleaning or rearrangement and facilitate easy access to any storage compartments. This feature is particularly beneficial in the commercial setting, where flexibility and practicality are paramount.

Each component of our Divan Bed Sets is designed with the needs of the hospitality sector in mind, combining style, functionality, and comfort to ensure your guests enjoy a luxurious and restful stay.