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Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool in Bed During Summer


Summer nights can be a real challenge when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. The sweltering heat and sticky humidity can leave you tossing and turning, struggling to find that sweet spot of cool comfort. But fear not! Here’s how you can beat the heat and stay cool in bed during the summer.

Tips on Choosing Breathable Mattresses and Bedding

When it comes to keeping cool, the right mattress and bedding can make all the difference. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  1. Breathable Mattresses:
    • Latex Mattresses: Natural latex is known for its excellent breathability and temperature regulation. It allows for better air circulation, keeping you cooler throughout the night.
    • Innerspring Mattresses: These mattresses have coils that promote airflow. The space between the coils allows heat to dissipate, preventing it from getting trapped in the mattress.
    • Hybrid Mattresses: Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid mattresses typically feature a layer of breathable foam on top of innerspring coils, offering both comfort and cooling.
  2. Cooling Mattress Toppers:
    • Gel-infused Memory Foam: These toppers are designed to disperse body heat and keep the sleeping surface cool.
    • Bamboo Mattress Pads: Bamboo is a natural cooling agent and its fibres wick away moisture, ensuring a cooler sleep environment.
  3. Lightweight Bedding:
    • Cotton Sheets: Opt for 100% cotton sheets with a percale weave, as they are lightweight and breathable.
    • Linen Bedding: Linen is a great choice for hot summer nights. It’s highly breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties.
    • Bamboo Sheets: Bamboo is naturally breathable and has moisture-wicking capabilities, making it perfect for hot climates.
  4. Cooling Pillows:
    • Gel-infused Pillows: Like the mattress toppers, these pillows help to keep your head cool.
    • Buckwheat Pillows: These pillows allow air to circulate and don’t trap heat, ensuring a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

Advice on Room Cooling Techniques

Sometimes, it’s not just the bed but the entire room that needs a bit of cooling down. Here are some effective ways to keep your bedroom chill:

  1. Air Circulation:
    • Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans can significantly improve air circulation in your room. Make sure they’re rotating counterclockwise to create a cool breeze.
    • Box Fans: Place a box fan in your window, facing outwards to push hot air out. This can be particularly effective if you have another window open to allow cooler air to flow in.
  2. Air Conditioning:
    • Portable Air Conditioners: If central air conditioning isn’t an option, a portable air conditioner can be a lifesaver. Place it near your bed for direct cooling.
    • Window Units: These are a great option for cooling a single room. They’re relatively easy to install and can quickly cool down your bedroom.
  3. Cooling Techniques:
    • Blackout Curtains: These curtains block out sunlight and can keep your room significantly cooler during the day.
    • Cooling Mist: Keep a spray bottle filled with cold water by your bed. A light mist can help cool your skin instantly.
    • Cold Packs: Place cold packs or a chilled hot water bottle at your feet or under your pillow. Cooling these areas can help reduce your overall body temperature.
  4. Natural Ventilation:
    • Night-time Breeze: Open your windows at night to let the cooler air in. Be sure to close them in the morning before it heats up again.
    • Cross Ventilation: Create a cross breeze by opening windows on opposite sides of the room or house. This allows for natural airflow and cooling.

Hydration and Clothing

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Being well-hydrated helps regulate your body temperature.
  2. Light Clothing: Wear lightweight, loose-fitting pyjamas made from natural fibres like cotton or linen. These materials are breathable and help keep you cool.

Final Thoughts

With the right combination of breathable bedding, effective room cooling techniques, and staying hydrated, you can transform your hot and sticky summer nights into cool and comfortable ones. Sleep tight and stay cool!

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